Thursday, 26 November 2009

Pub: Christmas dejavu

Yesterday I was a food magnet. I was working in my shift at the pub, when at the end of the day I realize I have amalgamated a goodie bag that would qualify as a Christmas Dinner (Crab, Prawn, Christmas Pudding, and a plateful of stirfried prawn with side of vege, all-star appearance except for the turkey that ran off to the gym for last minute work-out before its Christmas Premiere. Gratitude to Greg and Sonia (my regulars) , and the hidden Santa elves that were working pre-season Christmas. For some reason, people were giving me food that day. I know Im a bit tiny but I know I am far from looking malnourished, don’t get me wrong I love foodies and freebies. It was just weird to have it all thrown at you all on the same day

Anyways Lily, my boss made my lunch a tad more special too= Mushroom/ Cherry Tomatoes Omelette with a Salad Side. Recipe at the bottom after my blabber. I think my good fortune that day came from the day before, I made brownie points for staying after my shift to wait for her to come back from a party, and since it was market day I completed my sucking up with a homemade chocolate cake for her from the Wednesday baker. Well, I was late coming in so I figured to sweeten my entrance, and keep her mouth busy from telling me off.

What I love about the omelette is the fact that the cherry tomatoes are from the little shrub/vine(cant figure what) that miraculously sprout out from our serendipitous kitchen window wherein one tomato must have fallen off and started seeding. Talk about unexpected pregnancy.

I always hear Lily say that cooking is having the best and freshest ingredient available, and here in England, seasonality of ingredients is taken seriously. It takes second place to discussing the weather. And probably one rank higher than discussing Gordon Brown.

Anyways my hypothetical recipe of the Omelette I had yesterday.
Mushrooms (Normal Open Button Mushroom, yeah the flirty ones)
Cherry Tomatoes (cut in Half)
3 eggs (I saw what looks like carcass of 3 eggs at their final moment, sub egg whites if you’re keeping chole down)

What Lily usually do is cook it on the hob on a small frying pan (same size as the omelette) just to coat the other side, then finish it off on the grill to give the top side a lovely caramelization, which would be evident with the cherry tomatoes. Gives the omelette a good shape too

Greg my Japanese elderly customer had been going about gnocchi, roux, and hob hop, and every imaginable cooking method known to men. But I came across a few worth noting and probably a bit enlightening for me.

Roux – Greg reckon that the best way to make “proper roux “ is to drench chicken bones with flour then stow in the oven till it’s almost powderized and then mix it with boiling water until reduced to roux consistency. He was discussing this in between his 2nd pint of Carlsburg, so I guess I would still vouch for the credibility of this theory.

Egg Shells sentenced to a pulverizing at the oven would make clear soup. Greg said this at the 3rd pint so I would probably hang on to my ready to go sachet of supermarket clear soup powder till I ask for reaffirmation from him of this next time.

We were like Karate Kid and his Master whole afternoon, I must have been a good student because apart from the small bag of prawns and crab he gave me from his Wednesday market rounds, he came back 2 hours later for me to try on a plate of stir fried prawns with a side of cauliflower, and brussel srpouts. Spare half of it for Lily. More brownie points wouldn’t hurt

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