Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Spagghetti ala Uni

this recipe must have been the quickest pasta recipe Ive ever came across. We'll unless you're like the 5-year old me that eats raw spaghetti sticks when mama's not looking ( I still do, i nimble on the first spagghetti pencil of the pack before I sentence the rest to the pot of boiling water, its for good luck that I may not forget Im cooking).Anyways, at the Uni, we had Italian friends that live 2 floors down from us, we used to go out with them or load up (pre-club drinking) at their place. One fine night after a 2hour mission to the the school bar/pub, we went back to their kitchen soooooooooo hungry. Locomotive skills hampered by alcohol, our culinary abilities are dwarfed to NIL. But one Italian boy saves us all. He heroically plunges a pack of spaghetti to a pot of boilee, 10 minutes later, our soberiety coming back, he drained it, and shaved Parmesan on it.

and thats it. No olive oil. No basil. No anything else.

Then comes our French friend, tossing Knorr Seasoning (Far East Soya Sauce) on to his plate.
(Count on the French to be culinary upperlip)

Then comes me, putting pieces of Pringles to my heap (Count on me to make croutons out of Pringles).

I dunno if it was starvation or alcohol but it was good. Parmesan and Spaghetti = Spaghettia ala Uni.

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