Thursday, 14 January 2010

Winter Warmers

Food Pyramid

Dinner today: Single Bed of Toast, Vegetarian Burger, Gouda Cheese on third floor, Vinegared Vegetable from my Polish Grocer round the block, Lettuce, Low Fat Yogurt (as mayo sub), touch of Chilli Sauce and a final Lettuce Cup of Vinegared Vege on top. Called it upside down salad rather than a hamburger, the vege had obviously announced martial law and overpowered the plate. “No Carbs Must ascend more than 1 cm! Burger hide your belly, And everyone say Cheese, including you Gouda!” Perfect Family Picture of an Ideal Food Pyramid.

2 days back I am on my vegetarian version of lasagne. Layers of Auberigine with vegetarian stuffing of mushroom, tomatoes, onions, spinach, and vegetarian chicken 'n nut roast, topped again with yogurt, cheese, and chilli sauce. Yum. Ate this for two days till the snow dictates my tummy to crave for a heartier soup.

So I went to check out a local café cum art exhibit, it was charming, with mismatched chairs, china tea cups, and homemade organic food. Its like Venice met Brooklyn at the backdrop of the British weather. Ordered a Carrot and Coriander Soup, an English Breakfast Tea, and moir staying consistent with the secret ingredient (watched way too much Iron Chef obviously), I had their “bestseller” carrot cake for dessert (did not disappoint, it was moist and less sweet than usual which is a pleasant surprise, it played its glucose card in the right part, the thick creamy icing). You’re eyes have a feast on its own as it busies itself on the chalk written menu, paper mosaics, and masterpieces of local artists, and then you proud yourself of the talent of your neighbours. Its on the hallway of an old Church of England that turned into a yoga hall. Guess, it got good history too. Will definitely be back. I wonder if I could bring my doodle from elementary school and call it abstract vintage masterpiece that I have found in the basement of a really old pub? But then the ILovebackstreetboys would be such a giveaway.

Will have to source out more local gems like this, speaking of gems I got a free Hot Stone massage and facials today given by a local info site that I have given a review on. It was just what I need. Myankle sprained twice within a month, my muscles aching from my rookie attempts to train for a half-marathon, coupled by the lethargic and gloom plague the snow has cast upon my life, I am indeed in need for some pampering. And hail the heavens, it came free :) Thank you. It didnt kung-fued me out, you know when some massage leave you more tired and bruised than you first come in? This one is graceful and rythmic, and the hot stones does not give the same irritating burning sensation whenver I accidentally touch the radiator or the oven. (Pardon me ignorance, 'twas my first for hot stone, but I do have massages before so dont worry I didnt freak out when they want you half naked). Love the lighting and the music. love the personal touch of calling you by your first name. And I love the moisturusing facial. Cold Hot Applications, my face just yelled and reached seventh heaven. I left with my soul skipping between the snows. I guess, winter's not that bad at all. This year doesnt seem to bad at all. Well, it wont be. If it does, at least Im moisturized for the rest of the year, thank you Eve&Adam Day Spa. :)


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